Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DelayedExec - Still great, even for Windows 8

Hello and welcome,

I just opened a new blog for the utiltiy I published back in 2008, with latest version in 2009. DelayedExec - helps pushing all start-up desktop applications into a delayed orderly queue. No longer will you have to stare at your PC while booting app, hoping for Skype to start already, so you can just browse your favorite news site with your browser of choice.

Yes, even with Windows 8, after installing some common applications, startup can get sluggish. Quick Fix? Install DelayedExec.

Recently I installed on my brand new Windows 8 i5 laptop the following: Origin, Steam, Skype, iTunes, iCloud. Pretty standard, right? Well - that caused it to take forever to boot. And then I remembered, I solved this problem some 5 years ago!

Spread the word around, and do click on the tipping jar.