The problem: When Windows starts many applications are registered to run and some are locking up resources and cause you to sit there and wait until the memory and resource consumption storm is over.
The hatchet solution: People on the web would advice you to turn off most of the start up applications. For some it improves windows startup experience.

My solution: DelayedExec is itself another startup applications, only it allows you to move the other applications from startup to being run in a queue in a timely manner - leaving you a less stressful computer upon startup.


My personal flavor of setting it up: Move everything that doesn’t register itself back into the delayed queue, and put the sidebar at the top of the queue.

What it doesn’t solve: Some services and hardware devices cause windows to lockup for a few seconds, this is out of my application’s control - and playing with devices and services to reduce stress is something a bit “risky” that might not work for everybody.

Licens: Free!


DelayedExec antivirus scan report at downloadtube.comDelayedExec video tutorial at downloadtube.com

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